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How to Upgrade iOS When You Are Out of Space

It happened with iOS 8 and it might happen with newer versions of Apple’s iOS: You run out of space on a device with little storage capacity while trying to install an update. There are things you can do when you encounter the dreaded “This update cannot be installed because it requires at least 5.8 GB of storage” error message. Reorganizing your iPhone’s storage is not always a simple task, especially when using an 8 GB or 16 GB device. There are two ways to solve the problem of not having enough space for an iPhone update.

How to free up additional space on your iPhone

This method might be tedious: If you are planning to free up some space on your iPhone, we have a guide available for this exact issue. But if you just want to install the latest iOS update without spending additional time managing your iPhone, there is a way around it. Read on to discover a nifty trick that makes the process so much quicker.

How to install iOS Updates via iTunes

In a rush? Can’t be bothered to delete apps or photos for the extra space needed to upgrade? You can circumvent the sometimes hefty storage space requirements of so-called OTA-Updates (as in “over-the-air”) by going the oldfashioned route: Update iOS via iTunes.

Connect your iPhone or iPad to a computer running the latest version of iTunes and open the application if it is not opening automatically. Click the icon representing your iOS device, then select “Check for Update”. Perhaps iTunes has already prompted you to update to the latest version of iOS, following the on-screen directions is of course just as good as going the manual route. By updating via iTunes on a Mac or PC, we circumvent the need for extra storage space, since the update is downloaded on the computer and applied directly to the device.