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Disable Zoom Limit for Photos & Infinite Zoom on iPhone

Here’s a tutorial on how to disable the zoom limit and zoom indefinitely into photos on your iPhone. Typically, iOS limits how far you can zoom in on a picture to ensure decent image quality. Some situations warrant throwing the quality out the window and maximizing the zoom factor to view an important detail. A bug that is currently present in iOS allows you to zoom in further than the limit, in fact zoom as far as you’d like.

Prerequisites: In order to use this bug, your iPhone must be running iOS 9.3.2 or iOS 9.3.3 Beta because the bug appears to be only present in these versions of Apple’s mobile operating system.

Disable the zoom limit for photos

This trick only works for the currently opened photo. As soon as you close the view of the image, the following steps have to be repeated. The zoom limit cannot be disabled for all photos at once, unfortunately.

Using the rotate & crop tool

Open up your Photos app and view the image on your iPhone you’d like to zoom in further than the regular limit would allow. Then tap Edit on the top right of the screen.

Tap the rotate & crop tool in the bottom icon bar (see screenshot for location).

Rotate the photo by 90 degrees

Now rotate the currently opened photo by 90 degrees. To do this, we will tap the icon with the square and the arrow pointing to the left. Repeat this step three more times. In total, we are rotating the photo four times, or by 360 degrees. It should now be positioned in the original orientation. Important: Do not confirm the edit just yet, but keep everything as is for the next step!

Infinite zoom in Photos on iPhone

You can now pinch to zoom infinitely on your photo and view the tiniest details without hitting any discernible limit. Simply apply the two-finger gesture by spreading your fingers and the photo should zoom in as far as you like. To do this with other photos, simply repeat the Edit and Rotate steps as above.

It would be nice if Apple offered switching off this limit globally, somewhere in the settings of the Photos app, so that users could choose whether they wanted to make a quality tradeoff for some more powerful zoom and interpolated details.