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How to View Lyrics in Spotify

Spotify is the world-wide leader in streaming music and the biggest competitor to Apple Music. In cooperation with Genius, Spotify made it possible to display live lyrics for the currently played track. This makes listening to music even more enjoyable! Here’s a guide on how to view lyrics in Spotify so you can sing along with your favorite artists.

Prerequisites: To use this feature, you will require an iPhone 5 or newer. Make sure that you are using the latest version of the App by checking the App Store for Updates.

How to view lyrics in Spotify

Not all songs have the new feature for lyrics enabled. It also depends on which region you are located, there are definitely regional differences to the rollout of this feature and perhaps even the license availability.

“Behind the Lyrics” playlists: How to find them

The easiest way to access the new feature is to look for one of the enabled tracks in one of the following playlists, which you can access via the Search feature:

Lyrics, RapCaviar or Today’s Top Hits

These playlists have the new “Behind the Lyrics” feature enabled and will provide you with the desired lyrics for any of the listed songs.

Viewing lyrics by Spotify on iPhone

To check out the new lyrics feature on your iPhone, play one of the enabled songs and tap the bar containing the currently played title at the bottom. You should now see the album cover art and another layer behind it, the lyrics panel.

Simply swipe down on the album art to switch to the lyrics view. This area displays artist bios, background information and the lyrics powered by Genius.

Swipe down on the lyrics view to return to viewing the album art.

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