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Prioritize & Change Order of App Downloads and Updates

Downloading all of your apps after restoring your iOS firmware can take quite a while, but you will probably need to get back up and running as fast as possible. At least with your favorite and most required apps. The order of app downloads and updates cannot be defined in the settings of iOS, but there is a trick that allows you to prefer certain apps over others and speed up the process of getting your apps to work again. Here’s how to change the order of app downloads and updates in your queue on iPhone and prioritize the most important apps.

Prioritize app downloads in iOS

When downloading several apps or updates at once, iOS will determine the maximum number ob parallel downloads and set some of the downloads to “Waiting”. You can tap individual apps to pause their downloads and tap them again to resume.

By tapping an app twice, we can give it a priority ranking and make sure that it downloads first or right away. This works both with app updates and new app installations.

Pause or cancel large app downloads

If you want to pause a large download because you are e.g. leaving the house and your wireless network and don’t want it to cut into your data cap, you can simply tap the respective app icon on the Home Screen and the download will be paused until you resume. To cancel a download, press and hold the app icon until you see your icons jiggle, then tap the tiny x in the top right corner of the respective app or apps.