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Save energy while playing Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go uses a lot of energy, depending on how often you use the app, of course. But before you pay cash for another powerbank for your iPhone or even considering buying a new one, try our hints. They can help you running Pokémon Go longer without charging your iPhone.

Saving energy with Pokémon Go

There are several ways to save energy while hunting for Pokémons. But first we want to check why Pokémon Go consumes so much energy.

There are two major points that come into account when it comes to energy-consumption of Pokémon Go: First, the game uses a lot of sensors to provide the addicting game play. Motion Sensors, GPS and the camera are always on. Second, the permanent connection to the Pokémon Go servers is to blame for the quick energy consumption. But you can do several things to make your iPhone battery last longer.

1. Turn on the “Battery Saver”

There is a setting within the Pokémon Go app that you should activate before taking other measures to reduce power consumption of your iPhone while playing. You do this by tapping on the Pokéball. Now you can navigate to the “Settings” section in the upper right corner. There you can tick the “Battery Saver”. Now you can leave the settings menu by tapping onto the ‘X’.

The battery saver deactivates the iPhone display immediately if you hold it upside down. The advantage is that your iPhone vibrates as soon as Pokémon are in your area. Additionally, the distance is measured, too.

2. Dim iPhone display

You can also dim your iPhone display “manually”. Simply head to the control center menu of your iPhone. You have to swipe from the lower bezel into the middle of the iPhone display to do so. There you can adjust the brightness of your display to save energy.

You should obey, that if your display is too dark, eventually the game cannot be played outside when the sun is shining. This method is only a fair one, if you have really not much energy left to play.

3. Activate Low Power Mode

The low power mode, shipped with iOS 9, is another way to reduce the power consumption of your iPhone during a match of Pokémon Go.

To activate Low Power Mode, open the Settings App, choose “Battery” and activate the handy setting. Now your iPhone tries to reduce the energy consumption by itself.

4. Deactivate the AR mode in Pokémon Go

One of the killer features of Pokémon Go is the AR mode. The Pocket monsters are shown in an Augmented Reality view, showing up in your real surrounding. Obviously, this takes a lot of CPU power and therefore sucks your battery dry within a few hours.

The camera is automatically activated when a Pokémon is present in your surrounding. When this view is activated, you can easily switch off the AR mode. Next time you come near a Pokémon, the AR mode is not active. Less fun, but you can play longer as this saves a lot of energy while playing Pokémon Go.