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How to Find Rare Pokémon Faster in Pokémon GO

If you don’t want to walk around planlessly playing Pokémon GO but specifically chasing after Pokémon, then you need to read this article. With the aid of a free iOs-App you can see which Pokémon are already found from friends in your environment and you can see the exact place of finding. You can find also rare Pokémon way more faster with this trick!

Download “Poke Radar for Pokémon GO”

Open App Store on your iPhone and search for the app called Poke Radar for Pokemon GO. The download is for free.

We can not commit the partly bad grading of the app, where it is called to see no Pokémon on the card. During our test the app verified its promises.

Find rare Pokémon faster

Using Poke Radar the first time you need to permit Poke Radar to get your location.

After that your location will be centered on the map and maybe registered Pokémon in your environment are already shown. Depends on where yo are right now you will see a lot of different Pokémon or maybe not a single one. As you know from other maps you are able to zoom with two fingers to increase or decrease the map section.

Tap on one Pokémon which you want to catch and tap i afterwards to get more information.

Now it will display the name of the gamer who registered this Pokémon and furthermore the daytime of the finding. 100% helpful is indicative that perhaps we will actually find Pikachu at this place. You are also able to vote for the entry using Vote Down resp. Vote Up. An entry will be deleted automatically if it gets too many Down Votes.

Applying filter to show only specific Pokémon

Tap on Filter in the upper left corner. You are now able to reduce the selection of Pokémon to display only the findings of one Pokémon. Tap on one Pokémon and then tap the button Submit in the upper right corner. Only the findings of the selected Pokémon will now be shown in the map.