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Pokémon GO Bot – Download & Instructions

Pokémon Go has become quite a problem for Niantic. Players are annoyed by the constant server errors and lags. Recently, there have been a growing amount of bots which automatically catch Pokémon, collect Pokéstop items and train Pokémon. A GPS faker isn’t even required: Using these bots can push a player up to level 25 with top-trained Pokémon within a day. Exactly, only one day.

The Pokémon Go Bot is no longer available. We will notify you on this page, once a new bot becomes available.

For many players the act of actually hunting Pokémon is the best part of the game. Running around outside and this joyous feeling when catching a rare Pokémon. Of course, this takes time and effort and can get frustrating at times, when you catch a Pidgey or a Rattata for the hundredth time. In order to save this precious time, programmers have been developing bots for the game. This software simply requires the account login data and will automatically “run around” and catch whichever Pokémon you want. Once startet, the bot will run 24 hours a day, reaching a level up to 24 and Pokémon stronger than 1,000 CP in just one day. This way, taking over gyms will be no challenge.

Pokémon Go Bot download

We have checked out this bot for you. Just a few minutes after downloading it, the bot was already busy collecting. Was it complicated? Hell no. Just follow these simple steps to get you bot ready:

There is an Update available: Pokémon Go Bot 1.2.4 Download

Changelog v. 1.2.4

[Neu] GUI added.

[Neu] Live MAP added.

[Neu] Use Lucky Egg Button added.

[Neu] Force Unban added.

[Neu] PokéStop only Mode added.

[Neu] Pokédex Interface added.

[Neu] Transfer, PowerUp & Evolve Button added.

[Neu] GPS Navigation added.

[Neu] Pokéball Mode added.

[Neu] Travel Mode added.

[Neu] Rage Mode added.

[Neu] Individual Farm radius added.

[Neu] Pokémon management interface added.

1. Download Pokémon Go Bot via

2. Unzip the RAR file to your desktop. You should see the Pokemon GO Bot v1.2.3 folder on your desktop.

3. Now open the user.xml file with the editor. You can find the file in the new created folder.

4. We recommend you to farm in the New York Central Park, because there you will find the best Pokémon in one place. You will have to set the “DefaultLatitude” to “40.771133” and the “DefaultLongitude” to “-73.974187”.

5. Beneath you will find the Google Login. Fill in your “GoogleUsername” and your “GooglePassword”.

6. You can individualize your bot in the user.xml file. Just look which options you would like to change. Then you will farm the exact Pokémon you want to use.

7. Save the file and run PokemonGo.RocketAPI.Console.exe. That’s all. You can now see your level increasing and the Pokémon coming. Have fun.

Attention: We can’t assure that your account will not be banned. You run the Pokémon GO Bot at your own risk. Using a Pokémon Bot is against the Terms of Use of Niantic.

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