How To Change Your Avatar’s Appearance In Pokemon Go

pokemon-go-avatar-appereance Once you started your Pokémon GO adventure, it was impossible to change the appereance of your avatar after initially picking out hair color, skin tone, and outfit. This can be very frustrating, as you wanted to start catching Pokémon as fast. And so it seems that Niantic heard our cries, because now it’s possible to change your avatar’s outfit and style anytime you want.

How do you switch up your avatar’s appearance

Luckly it’s really simple to change the style and look of your avatar after the update, thanks to Niantic.

1. Tap on your avatar icon in the lower lefthand corner of your screen.

2. Then tap on the three bars in the lower righthand corner to open the menu.
3. Just hit costumize.
4. Choose your style and save it.
Hopefully there will be more stuff to choose from in the next updates. And maybe some new haircuts. But hopefully we don’t have to pay for every new shirt we want to try. Niantic, we are waiting!