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Siri – Get to Know All Kinds of Commands & Questions

If you want to know all commands which Siri understands, you can tap on the question mark in the bottom left corner while using. You get an summary with all kinds of commands. But this way is not very comfortable, because you need to start Siri and need to search the whole rubric. There is a website with the pertinent name showing a list with all kinds of imaginable commands and questions for Siri!

Get to know all kinds of commands & questions

The website offers a very huge summary of all kinds of commands and questions, which you can pose to Siri. All commands are displayed on one page what makes the website a bit chaotic at first glance.

Using the menu

At the top you find the menu bar (starts with Conversion, Maths, etc.). You can swipe to the left and to the right to navigate through the menu. Tap on e.g. Definitions & Search.

… it takes you directly the the section of the selected topic.

Tip: You want to scroll more quickly to the top? Just tap on the time in the upper section of the screen. More…

Using the search feature

Alternatively you can use the search feature to scan the website for a search term. Tap on the search field in the upper right corner. You can search for e.g. Alarm. The search result will be directly shown while typing.

Worth Knowing: The website currently (as of August 2016) contains 513 commands in 1,267 different variations, 36 categories and 2 languages (German & English).

It is possible to get to know a wide variety of new questions and commands and to use Siri more efficient with the aid of this trick. We think this website is very cool and we wish you lots of enjoyment by discovering new possibilities.