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Pokémon GO NecroBot – Download & Tutorial

If you are playing Pokémon GO and you don’t have the time to move to a spot with a lot of Pokéstops, you know how hard it is to increase your level and to get better Pokémon. But with a Pokémon GO Bot all of this happens automatically. Pokémon GO Bots can link to your account to catch Pokémon, use Pokéstops and even evolve your Pokémon. And we will show you how to use the “Necrobot”.

1. Download Pokémon Go Bot via http://uploaded.net/file/vwlpgbyf.

2. Run NecroBot.exe

3. Now you will have to change the configuration of the necrobot. You can start the configuration by pressing “y” and enter.

4. If you want, you can change the language settings. Default is English. If you want to change it, press “y”.

5. If you want to change it, you will have to use your countrycode (like DE for German).

6. Now you can choose between Google and Pokémon Trainer Club Login. Type “Google” for Google-Login, and “ptc” for Pokémon Trainer Club.

7. Type in your e-mail address and Password.

8. After filling in your account data you will have to change the location of your bot. Therefor press “y” again.

9. First type in the “latitude” and then the “longitude”.

10. Your account is now linked to the bot. We recommend to open the config file before finally running the bot. You will find the file in the config folder.

11. Here you can change the settings of the bot (like which Pokémon to keep). We recommend to change “WalkingSpeedInKilometerPerHour” to 10. 30 is way to unrealistic, because nobody can run 30 KM/h.

12. You can now start the bot again. Happy farming.

Attention: We can’t assure that your account will not be banned. You run the Pokémon GO Bot at your own risk. Using a Pokémon Bot is against the Terms of Use of Niantic.