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Hard Reset Your iPhone 7 Without Data Loss [How-To]

Using the “Hard Reset” you can force reboot your iPhone if you are experiencing problems or a sluggish behavior to empty the cache and to fix frozen processes. Eventhough this kind of iPhone Reset goes deeper into the system then just turning off your device and turning it back on you will not lose any data doing an iPhone 7 Hard Reset. Since the trick is different than for older iPhone models we will show you how it is done on your iPhone 7 in this article.

iPhone 7 Reset & iPhone 7 Plus Reset (Hard Reset)

Push & Hold Power-Button & Volume Up Button for more than 10 seconds simultaneously

The way to go with older models was to push and hold the Power-Button and the Home-Button simultaneously for more than 10 seconds. To Hard Reset iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus you now have to froce a hard reset by pushing and holding the Power-Button and the Volume Up-Button simultaneously for more than 10 seconds.