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How To Activate Camera From Lock Screen

Your iPhone lock screen does have a few functions of its own like activating the camera without unlocking your iPhone. We want to show you, how it works and how you can deactivate the iPhone camera on the Lock screen.

Activating camera on Lock Screen

To start the camera on the Lock screen, you just need to swipe from right to left on your screen. Now your camera should be activated directly from your lock screen. Hence, only one swipe is needed to get into the camera app.

Deactivate the iPhone camera on Lock screen

If you don’t want to use this feature of the camera app on your Lock screen, you can deactivate it. You just need to go to the “Settings”. Go to “General” and then click on “Restrictions”. After typing in your 4-Digit passcode, you can deactivate the feature. Just slide the button next to the camera icon to the left. If you haven’t set up a passcode yet, you must create one at this point. But if you forgot your Restriction passcode, we can also help you out.

Settings → General → Restrictions → Camera (deactivate)