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How to Search For People, Objects and Places Inside the Photo App in iOS 10

With iOS 10, Apple also pimped up the Photo app and made it more intelligent. Now the app recognizes people, objects and places on photos and creates categories for those. Below we’ll show you, how you can browse the Photo app according to people, objects, and places.

Searching for objects in photo app

How can you search for certain objects in your Photo app? Just open your Photo app and tap on the search icon in the upper toolbar. Therefore it doesn’t matter, if you start the search from the Photos, Moments, or Albums tab.

Now you only need to type in the certain keyword – like schoolroom, beach, guitar etc. – and the categories, which belong to the keyword, will appear. When you tap on a certain category now, all associated photos will show up.

Searching for people in Photo app

How can you search certain people with the Photo app? At first you have to give this person a name. To do that, you tap on the tab “Album”, and then tap on „People“. Afterwards you choose the picture of the person, that you want to search in future and type in the name in the “Add name” section on top. From now on the Photo app should be able to find this person (or the persons). The search process is the same as above.

Album → People → Add name


Searching for Places in Photo app

The same works for certain places as well. Just type in a place into the search field like before and the photos with that place will appear.