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Add Markups To Photos In Message App

If you love to send photos to family and friends, you will enjoy this trick. In iOS 10 it is now possible to tag photos with individual markups (text, drawings) and send them to your contacts via Message app. We show you how this works now.


The only prerequisite for this trick is the usage of iOS 10 or later, because older versions do not have this feature.

Adding markups to photos in the Message app

Open the Message app on your iPhone and choose any chat.

Now you have to select a photo that you want to send. Tap the camera icon next to the text box. Choose a photo by tapping it. Now it should be displayed in the text box.

Tap the photo again to make it bigger. It should be displayed over the whole screen now.

Here you can edit the photo (bottom right) and you can add markups (bottom left).

Effective for both: The original photo will be unchanged! These edits and markups only affect the photo versions that you are sending via message.


The markup display offers three basic functions:

1. Drawing

One option is to draw on your photo. Tap the pen icon to activate this function.

You can choose from different colors and stroke thicknesses by tapping the relevant icon.

Tip: If you have an iPhone 7, you can use a pressure-sensitive display to draw/write thicker and thinner. Just try it!

The markup tool recognizes some shapes, so that you can choose, if you want to keep the freehand version or if you want to replace it by an icon.

For example: You can make it an elegant and accurate arrow instead of a freehand arrow.


2. Magnifier

If you want to zoom in on a certain spot on the photo, you can use the Magnifier function (icon in the middle).

You can change the radius of the magnifier by using the blue spot on the circle. The green dot will change the magnifying effect (level of zoom).


3. Text

Those who just wants to add a short text, can choose the text icon on the right side.

You can choose a color here as well just like you can in the drawing function.

By tapping the aA icon at the bottom right, you can change the font, the font size and the text alignment.

You can combine any of these three tools as you like.

Once you are done with the editing, you can press “Save” and then “Done“ at the right top corner. The message app will apply the changes to the photo and you can see it in the text box.

You will still be able to add a text message now and hit the Send arrow once you are done.