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iOS Mail App – This Is How You Use The New iOS 10 Functions

Apple’s own email app has been updated very rarely compared to the email apps of third-party providers. However, some new functions were added to the Mail app within the iOS 10 release, which we will present to you below.

Using the new filter option

When you open the Mail app in iOS 10, you will see the “filter” button in the bottom left corner.

Click on it and a “Filtered by“ note will appear in the middle.

The default filter is set up for unread emails. Tap “Unread” and you will see the different filter options for your emails.

Now choose the filter criteria(s) that you want to apply for your emails.

These are your filter options:

  • Read/Unread
  • Flagged/Unflagged
  • Addressed to: Me
  • Addressed as a copy to me (CC: Me)
  • Only Mail with Attachments
  • Only from VIP

You can combine these filters as you like, so that you only see the really important emails. Once you have decided, click “Done” on the top.

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The new conversation threading for a better overview

Besides the filter options, Apple provided a new display for longer email threads in iOS 10. It gives you a better overview of your mailbox, if you receive and send more than one email with a particular topic. So if you read an email which is part of a longer email conversation, they will show up in one combined thread with all corresponding emails. The latest sent or received email will be displayed at the bottom and the first one will be shown on top.


Unsubscribe from newsletters

You can also unsubscribe easily from unwanted newsletters in the new Mail app. As soon as you open an email that is a newsletter, a notification bar appears on top of the screen: “This message is from a mailing list.” You can tap the “Unsubscribe” button below and the Mail app will automatically unsubscribe you from the newsletter. Read more…

Which one of the new functions do you find the most useful? Share it with us in a comment!