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What’s New in iOS 10 – 23 New and Hidden iOS 10 Features

The release of the iPhone 7 and the simultaneous release of the new mobile operating system iOS 10 was the perfect timing for Apple. A lot of iPhone users are asking, which new features are offered by iOS 10. We reviewed the new iOS version for you and compiled a little slide show with 23 new and sometimes hidden features.

1/23 The new Widgets display is easy accessible in iOS 10 by swiping right on the Lock Screen or Home Screen. Here you will obtain a quick overview of the weather, upcoming events, news, notes, reminders and much more. According to the specific app, there are shortcuts available by using the 3D Touch as well.
2/23 The new Bedtime feature reminds you of going to bed on time to optimize your sleeping behavior. You can adjust the Bedtime alarm, wake-up sounds, and on which days you want to get up. A bar diagram gives you an insight of your sleeping behavior. Hence, in iOS 10 your alarm does not only go off in the mornings.
3/23 The notifications on your Lock Screen have become much more useful. To be more specific: You can answer messages, accept/decline invitations to events and read/delete emails on the Lock Screen. On the iPhone 6s it is possible to open a menu with different actions by pressing a button firmly with a finger. A detour over the relevant app is no longer necessary, because of the new design of the Lock Screen in iOS 10.
4/23 iPhone 6s users now benefit from the 3D Touch, because you can use the Control Center (swipe upwards) much easier. Here you can use shortcuts for the flashlight, timer and camera app by pressing firmly on the relevant icon.
5/23 Inside the Control Center you can now control the Music app in iOS 10. Just swipe left to get to the current or recently played title.
6/23 In iOS 10 the Photo app became more intelligent as well, because it recognizes faces and sorts photos by certain people. Thanks to machine learning technology, your iPhone recognizes objects and places as well and groups them wisely. You can find the sorting in your Albums.
7/23 With the Memories feature you can automatically create little slideshows with background music. You can choose from given themes to find the suitable music for your clip, or you can use your own music. The length, speed and photo collection are also adjustable. Thanks to an artificial intelligence, iOS chooses only the best photos and videos for the summary, so that it shows only the important moments.
8/23 Even Apple‘s music streaming service got a facelift with the release of iOS 10. The whole user interface, functionality and look have been revised in Apple Music. iPhone users now benefit from an easier usability and better overview. iOS 10 now supports the 3D Touch, so that you can reach your music easier. A fingerprint is enough to access albums and songs, or to download music, or to add songs to a playlist. In addition you can display lyrics while listening to a song.
9/23 Bye bye “Slide to unlock“. Apple splits up with the long-serving unlock via slide in iOS 10. Now it is “Press Home to unlock” or with Touch ID as usual.
10/23 The own Messenger app got a lot of attention this time. You can now send handwritten messages in iMessage. There are some templates like “happy birthday!” or “thinking of you“, but you also can write your own individual message.
11/23 Apple now added a special iMessage Appstore in iOS 10. Here you can only find apps that work with iMessage. The iMessage Appstores offers an easier access to suitable e.g. Emojis or keyboards of third-party providers.
12/23 Even Stickers that you can place on photos or messages are available in the Appstore.
13/23 A completely new feature in Apple’s Message app is the so-called “Digital Touch“. You can find it next to the text box by clicking the heart icon. This feature allows you to send individual messages by drawing with your finger or…
14/23 … to send animated gestures like kisses, heartbeats and fireballs etc.
15/23 The Maps App got more intuitional in iOS 10, because it shows up suggestions for gas stations, restaurants, cafés etc. along the route. Once you have started a route, you just need to swipe upwards from the bottom to open the menu with the different options. Thanks to opening the Maps app to other developers, you will prospectively be able to call a taxi or make table reservation in a restaurant.
16/23 In the new Home app, you can control SmartHome gadgets by using HomeKit devices. So you can manage gadgets in your house, e.g. lamps, roller blinds or thermostats with this central application. It is very handy, because you can access it from your Control Center (swipe upwards from the bottom) and this is also possible from the Lock Screen. So if you have the specific hardware in your house, you can observe on your Lock Screen who is standing in front of your door and let this person in by clicking a button on your iPhone.
17/23 In iOS 10 the Phone app has been opened to third-party providers. So you can include WhatsApp calls in your Phone app and start them from your Contacts. This means that also internet phone services got entry into the Phone app.
18/23 Thanks to contextual suggestions, you will save time in typing messages, because the new OS recognizes connections and provides relevant suggestions. If you wanted to tell your chat partner e.g. a particular phone number of a contact, it will show this as an option above the text box.
19/23 If you like to switch between two languages within a message, you are going to be lucky with the improvement in iOS 10. The multilingual typing allows you to use e.g. German terms in English text messages and in doing so you will get word and autocorrect suggestions for both languages. So you do not have to change the language every time you want to build in a foreign-language word.
20/23 Another nice little feature of iOS 10 is the replacement of words by Emojis. You can now replace certain words by the suitable Emoji.
21/23 You can also share Notes with other people now. You just have to tap the button in the right top corner to choose the share option (email, iMessage, Facebook, etc.), so that the person can access, open and edit the Notes file.
22/23 For the first time, iOS 10 has given you the option to let other connected devices ring, when you receive a call. If your iPad, iPod or Mac is connected via Apple ID, you can set up that these devices ring as well.
23/23 In iOS 10 you can prevent advertising networks from tracking you. If you activate “Limit Ad Tracking” in your Privacy settings, the tracking functions in apps are prevented. This way they cannot display suitable adverts. This feature has already existed in iOS 9, however in iOS 10 Advertisement networks can no longer collect useable information.