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How to Search Text in Safari on iPhone

When you are browsing the web on your iPhone or iPad and are looking for something specific, you might want to check out Safari’s “Find on Page” feature. This allows us to search the content or text of a webpage for a particular phrase or word, without having to leave the actual site. Thus “On This Page” in Safari is extremely beneficial when conducting research or looking for a solution to a problem on the web.

While earlier versions of iOS required you to go to a special Google search field and enter your phrase there, the process has gotten a bit more streamlined since iOS 7 and also applies to iOS 8 and iOS 9.

How to “Find on Page” on iPhone using iOS 7 and above

Tap Web Address > Enter Search Phrase > See Results at the Bottom

Since iOS 7, Apple has merged the address bar and the search field. You can now use the address bar used for entering search phrases and web addresses to enter your page search query. The results will list a recommended web site, search suggestions, search results from your browsing history and, last but not least, on-page results. Tapping the “On This Page” result will lead you to the instance(s) that are relevant to your search, directly on the page.

For example, you are checking out a wikipedia page about apples. When looking for the “largest exporter”, you can simply enter that phrase into your multifunctional address bar and your iPhone will list an “On This Page” result if the phrase can be matched to the content. This allows you to do something akin to a “ctrl + f on iPhone”. Tap the corresponding search result to be taken to the suitable match.

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