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iMessage Effects Do Not Work – Possible Fixes

Apple has equipped the iMessage app with funny features in iOS 10. They are livening chats up quite a bit. One of the features is sending effects in iMessages. However, the complaints are piling up, because the actual effect does not show up. Instead there is a notification that the message was sent with an effect. For example: If you receive an iMessage with the text „Sent with Balloons“ in brackets, it does not necessarily mean that it is a server problem on Apple’s side. We show you what you can do to fix this problem.

A possible reason can lie in your iPhone settings. There are mainly two approaches to fix this problem.

Deactivate “Reduce Motion“

If the function “Reduce Motion“ is activated, motions of the user interface (like the “parallax effect”) are reduced. Some users may activate this function to save battery or to make the iPhone run faster.  If you can do it without this function, and the display of iMessage effects are more important for you, follow these steps:

Settings → General → Accessibility → Reduce Motion (deactivate)

  • First of all go to the Settings and choose General. Then tap Accessibility.

  • In the display of the Accessibility, you will see, if the function „Reduce Motion“ is turned on. If so, tap the menu option and deactivate the function on the next display by pressing the button.

Now try, if you can see the effects that you receive in iMessages. If the problem remains, there is a second option which you could try.

Sign out from iMessage and sign back in

If the deactivation of the “Reduce Motion“ function did not solve the issue, you could try to sign out from iMessage and sign back in.

However, you have to sign out from all devices that are used by this account.

  • First go to your Settings and scroll down to Messages. Choose Send & Receive on this menu display.

  • Choose the Apple ID that you have registered with for iMessage and click “Sign Out“ in the pop-up window. Then you will have to sign out from all other devices that are used by this account.

  • After signing out from all devices, you can sign back in by tapping “Use your Apple ID for iMessage“. Just type in your Apple ID and password as usual and click “Sign In”.

Open the iMessage app to check if the problem has been solved. The effects from older messages will no longer show up. So you have to receive a new message with an effect to test the functionality of this feature.

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