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iOS 10 Lock Screen Bypass – Get Access To Other’s Photos & Contacts

Would you like to know, who is sending messages to your partner or where your sister was hanging around at the weekend? Maybe you try a trick that gives you access to photos and contacts of any iPhone.


This trick handles a backdoor in the iOS versions 10.0.3 and 10.1. If you want to try to get access to photos and contacts on another iPhone, it has to use one of these versions.

You are interfering in the privacy of another person pretty badly. It lies in your hands, how you are going to use the knowledge that you will achieve in the following steps. This guide is no recommendation to hurt somebody’s privacy.


iOS 10 Lock Screen Bypass – How to access photos and contacts

1. Prepare iPhone

First of all you have to get your hands on the iPhone that you want to get access to. You will need a few minutes with it. So you may want to find a proper pretext, e.g. taking a photo or adding a contact.

Once you have it, go to the Clock app. The fastest way to get there is to open the Control Center and to click the Timer icon. Then choose Alarm in the bottom menu bar. Tap the “+“ icon on top to add a new alarm and then go to “Sound“.

On this screen you go to “Pick a song“ and type in anything in the “search for songs” bar.

Click the typed word in the search bar by double tap. An options menu will show up. Click the arrow, which points to the right and then choose “share”. A pop-up window will appear where you tap “Messages”.

Type something in the „To“ text box on top (as a recipient) and hit “return“. The word should turn green or blue now.

Tap repeatedly the green/blue word in the text box until you are redirected to the Contacts. Here you choose “Create New Contact”.

Click “add photo“ (where you usually can add a contact photo) and then “Choose Photo”. Now you should be on a very strange display of your photo library.

Lock the iPhone now while this display is still open.

2. Access photos and contacts

Later you can bypass the Lock Screen barrier (Touch ID or Passcode), if you are getting your hands on this iPhone unwatched.

For this, open the Control Center again and tap the Timer icon, so that you land directly there, where you have locked the iPhone. From this point you can look up all photos. Click “Cancel“ at the top and you can navigate back to the contacts.