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How To Add Names of People in the iOS Photo App

Apple’s automatic face recognition scans your pictures for faces or people and sorts it into the “People“ Album. This way you can find photos of certain friends, acquaintances or other people very fast. Our little guide will show you how you can add names to the photos in the Photos app on your iPhone.

Where is the People Album?

Of course you have to know where the Album is, so that you can actually use this feature. It does not have an own menu tab in the Photo app.

So, first you have to open the Photo app. Then click “Album” in the right bottom corner. In this display you will see the different topics of your Albums. Look for “People”, it also has a little preview grid for the recognized people. Tap it and you will see different files for certain people. These pictures have been sorted by the number of pictures you have taken of them. The person who has the most pictures is on top.

Add the name

The next step is to name the anonymous faces. Tap a face or person that you want to add and then you click on the “+ add name” button. Then you will see suggestions of names from your Contacts that could match to this face. Choose the name that you want to add to this photo.

Add more photos to the name

Once you are done with this, you can scroll down and click “Confirm Additional Photos“ to add more pictures. Then photos which are related to this person will be displayed. You have to confirm (Yes) or decline (No) the assortment.

Unfortunately, there is no option to add multiple pictures for one person with one click. However, we think that Apple added a very useful feature to the Photo app that provides good results with a few adjustments.

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