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Merge Photos in the “People“ Album in iOS Photo app

Thanks to automatic face recognition in iOS 10, the Photos app sorts and groups Photos to single persons. It works pretty good, but here and then it could happen that some photos are displayed twice. It could also happen that the system does not recognize the person, because of some accessories like a hat or mustache. So it will show up in another folder. You can change this by using the “Merge People“ function.

Merge photos into one folder

  • First open the Photos app and go to the tab “Albums“ at the right bottom corner. Then tap the People Album and you will get to the People display. The pictures are sorted by the amount of photos that has been taken of this person.

  • Click one face or person and add the name. Then you do the same with another photo of the same person. If you do not know how you can add names to the individual people, our little guide will help you.
  • When you start typing in the name, there will already be shown a suggestion. Tap the name to merge the photo into the other folder.

  • A pop-up window will open. It asks you, if you want to merge this photo to the chosen name. Click “Merge” and the photo will be added to the existing folder.