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How to Delete Music & Albums from iPhone

This is a guide on how to delete music from iPhone and how to hide iCloud music tracks on your iPhone. The process varies depending on whether you are dealing with iCloud music or locally stored MP3 or M4A tracks and AAC music tracks on your iPhone. We will explain all of the known methods for deleting music from your iPhone.

It is well known that you can use iTunes on your Mac or PC to manage the music files stored on your iPhone, as well as sync with your main music library. But if you are on the go and taking a couple of pictures and videos, you may want to get rid of some music directly on the iPhone to free up some valuable storage space. By the way, see our guide on freeing up even more space. Hiding iCloud music is also quite a handy trick which we’ll discuss.

How to delete individual songs on iPhone

Deleting a single song on your iPhone is super simple: Open up your “Music” app and navigate to the song you would like to delete in the “Artists”, “Albums” or “Songs” views. Then swipe left on the song you would like to delete. A red “Delete” button will show up, tap it to confirm that you really want to delete this track.

How to delete individual songs on iPhone (iCloud)

If the song you are trying to delete is an iCloud song, you will only be able to delete the locally downloaded copy of the song. Songs purchased via the iTunes Store are generally available through your iCloud access and will be listed with the rest of your music. Only when you tap the cloud-shaped icon with the down-arrow on it, will a locally stored copy appear that actually takes up some of your storage space.

Those local copies can be deleted by following the same procedure as above: simply swipe left on the song you would like to delete. Then hit “Delete” to confirm. This only works for titles without an iCloud download icon, as explained above.

How to delete music albums on iPhone

Open up your “Music” app and navigate to the “Albums” view. From here, you can swipe left on the album you would like to delete. This only works for locally stored albums or downloaded iCloud albums, not on the ones that are simply available for listening through the iCloud streaming.

How to hide all of your iCloud music on iPhone

If you are sharing your iTunes Store account with your family or significant other, you might the default option of having all of the available tracks and albums listed quite annoying. There is an easy way to circumvent this: Go to your “Settings” app and make sure that within the “Music” section the “Show All Music” option is disabled. This will hide all of the iCloud tracks and iTunes purchases from your Music app, unless they have been downloaded already.