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How To Delete All Notifications At Once In The Notification Center

You can get an overview about your last unread messages in your Notification Center. There are displayed notifications from apps, but also received messages and missed calls. People who like to keep order on the iPhone, may want to delete those notifications from time to time. So far you had to do this one by one – notification by notification. iOS 10 finally speeds this up. You can now delete all notifications at once.


The first requirement for this trick is the usage of iOS 10 or later. The earlier versions only allowed you to delete by day, but more on this later on.

In addition you will need an iPhone with 3D Touch – means iPhone 6 or later.

Delete all messages at once

Go into the Notification

Center to delete all messages at once. You can open it by swiping downwards from the top of your screen. There you will find all notifications that you have not yet reacted to (unread, not answered, unopened etc.).

Click firmly the “x” icon at the right top corner and choose “Clear All Notifications”.

This way you delete all messages in the Notification Center and not only the ones from today.

Delete Notifications up until iOS 9

In earlier iOS versions you could only delete these notifications by day. The procedure is the similar though. Tap the X icon normally and then click “Delete“.

This way is of course available for earlier iPhone models in iOS 10 as well. You just have to tap the X icon like described above.