3D Touch: The Fastest Way To Deactivate Mobile Data

deactivate-mobile-data-with-3d-touch-iconIf your data plan is not unlimited, you should keep an eye on your data usage, so that you are not experiencing an unpleasant surprise by the end of the month. If you are short on data volume, you should turn off the mobile data for (at least) some apps.


You will need to use an iPhone with 3D Touch (iPhone 6s or later) to benefit from the Quick Actions!

The fastest way to turn off mobile data

You can access the Mobile Data section from the Settings via shortcut on your iPhone.

The way is really easy: Unlock your iPhone and search for the Settings app on the Home Screen. Instead of opening it, you tap it firmly for a moment to open the Quick Action menu.

There you will find Mobile Data. Click it and you will directly go to the section in the Settings. So you saved a few more clicks to get there.


Tap the button next to “Mobile Data“ to deactivate the mobile data connection completely.


Alternatively, you can turn off the data usage for specific apps. Scroll down to the section “Use Mobile Data For:“ and deactivate the mobile data for specific apps.


Those shortcuts for certain commands are hidden very frequently throughout iOS.