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How To Add Favorites To Your “People” Album in iOS Photos App

The iOS Photos app is working with a face recognition function since iOS 10. It analyses faces and sorts or groups it into individual people folders. If you have a big group of friends and love to take pictures, this section might be pretty busy. Hence, adding favorites to your People album, so that your best friends or family is on top, could be very beneficial for you.

There are two different ways to add favorites in your People album:

  • Tap one folder in your People album, hold it and drag it over to the little square above. Drop it there and the thumbnail will appear a little bigger than the others.

If you click “Show only favorites“, the other thumbnails will disappear, so that only the favorites are displayed.

If you cannot find the People album and do not know how to add the names to the people, read the article “How to add names of people in the iOS Photo app.”

  • The second way is to tap “Select“ at the right top corner. Choose a folder, so that it turns blue and then click “Favorites” at the bottom.

Do you have more than one folder for one person? In our article “Merge Photos in the “People“ Album in iOS Photo app” you will learn how to fix this mess.