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Take & Send Selfies In iMessage (iOS 10)

Since the release of iOS 10, there are many many new features to explore in Apple’s own Messenger app. One of the new features is the selfie function that allows you to take and send self-portraits as fast as lightning. We will show you below, how you can take and send selfies in iMessage.

You do not always have to reply with Emojis etc. Why not sending a selfie as an answer to a question? In iOS 10 it is extremely easy, so that everyone can do it.

If you are in a chat, tap the arrow button on the left side of the text box and choose the Camera icon.

Then you will see a little camera preview on the left side. There is the “switch camera” button in the right top corner of this preview. Choose this to switch over to the selfie camera and take the photo as usual. The selfie will appear in the text box. You can add a message and/or send the photo by clicking the blue arrow as usual.

The same way you can send photos that you have already taken. Next to the camera preview is a summary of your last pictures. You can select from there and send it instantly.

How do you like the new selfie function in iMessage? Share your opinion in a comment!