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How To Add People In iPhone Photos App

The iOS Photos app has a face recognition function since iOS 10. This feature analyses faces and sorts them into individual “People” folders. It can sometimes happen that the Photos app does not recognize a certain person, so that it does not create a new folder in the “People” album. In this case you have the option to add people to iPhone Photos manually. In this article we are going to show you how to do it.

Do you miss a certain person in the “People“ album, even if you have taken or saved pictures of this person? You can add a person to a photo on iPhone so that the person appears in your “People” album.

Add People to photos

Photos → select Photo → Swipe up → tap thumbnail of person you want to name → Add Name

Open the Photos app and tap on an image of a person you want to add to the People Album.

Now swipe up and tap on the thumbnail of the person you want to add. In the next screen tap “Add Name” and enter the name or select a name suggested from your contacts.

Learn how to search for people in the Photos app here.

Add people to “People” Album manually in Photos

You can also add names to people in you Photos app, that the iPhone has detected but hasn’t named yet. Find out how to add names to photos in your “People” album.
Sometimes this also shows photos of one person in different folders. You can merge the diffferent folders to tag the person only once. Find out how to merge photos in the “People” album in iPhone Photos.

The last option has the benefit that you can merge more than one photo of a person, so that you do not have to do it step by step. In the end you can add a name to the added folder as usual.

Are you unable to keep track of all the people in your “People“ album? Then look up this little guide to add favorites to your People album.