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GPS Problems On iPhone & 5 Solutions To Fix It

The GPS function on your iPhone allows you to navigate to places via Maps app, but many other apps are using the GPS signal as well to find your location.  However, it sometimes might happen that apps show a completely wrong location or the navigation in the Maps app does not work. That’s why we collected some tips and tricks to solve the problems with the GPS signal.

1. Changing location for a better phone service

GPS problems often have to do with the phone service. There is an easy solution for it: Just walk a few steps – go to the window or outside! This way you can prove if the phone service is causing the problem. Thick walls and metal can distort the GPS signal of your iPhone.

A location change is done quickly and it often is the solution.

2. Check Location Services

If you have the problem that an app shows a wrong or no location, you can check the Location Services on your iPhone. Go into your Settings > Privacy > Location Services, and make sure that the specific app can access to your location.

3. Turn the Location Services off and on

Sometimes the problem can lie in a simple software bug. So just turn the Location Services off and back on again. You can do this at the same place: Settings > Privacy > Location Services. At the top you will find the button to (de)activate the Location Services.

4. Reset Network Settings, Location & Privacy

If none of the solutions above work out on your iPhone, you unfortunately have to reset some settings. Open Settings > General > Reset.

Tap “Reset Network Settings“ and “Location & Privacy“ to reset both. For each reset you will have to enter your Passcode.

Note: You have to re-enter every WiFi password for the networks after you have reset the Network Settings.

5. Restore iPhone

The worst case is that you have to restore your iPhone, because none of the solutions above worked out for you. You have to put your iPhone into Restore mode for this. The restore will run through iTunes. Read more…


No service on your iPhone?

If you are rather frustrated with the bad signal while calling and surfing in the worldwide web than with the GPS signal, we want to suggest you this article. There we explain problems with phone service and offer solutions.