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How To Export Bookmarks From iPhone To Mac

Do you have bookmarks saved in Safari on your iPhone that you want to export to your Mac? Well, there is a relatively easy way to do this. It is not even necessary to use Safari on your computer – the trick works for all other web browsers as well.

Activate iCloud for Safari

If you have not done this yet, you have to activate bookmark synchronization via iCloud first. Open the Settings on your iPhone and go to iCloud. Scroll down to find Safari on the list. Check if the function is activated for Safari. If not, you have to activate it.

This way your iPhone synchronizes your bookmarks with other devices which are connected with your iCloud account.

Export bookmarks to Mac

The second step is to check if Safari is activated in iCloud on your Mac as well. Open the System Settings and go to iCloud. Make sure that iCloud is activated there too.

The next step you have to take will be in Safari on your Mac, regardless of the web browser you are normally using. iCloud only synchronizes the bookmarks with Safari. So you have to open Safari and click File > Export Bookmarks in the menu bar.

Choose a location, where your bookmarks shall be saved at and click “Save“.

The generated html file can be imported into another browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc.) and is a perfect backup for your bookmarks as well.