How to Fix Slow App Store – This is How to Get A Faster App Store!

Orignal App Store icon in blue and whiteSometimes you are in a hurry in downloading an app, because a friend recommended an app, or you are participating in a presentation of a company that developed an app and you have to download it quickly to follow the presentation. The worst that can happen in these situations, when you have to wait because of technical issues, like the app store does not load or only very slow. A little trick will help to get your App Store going again in seconds so that it is loading faster.

Note: This trick only works in the App Store up to iOS 10.

Causes for a slow App Store

A slow App Store can have multiple causes. One cause could be that you have bad phone service at the moment or that the WiFi router is too far away. If necessary, you could run a speed test on your iPhone. Especially the app  provides a good service. If this is not the problem and the issue still exists, you can do a restart of your iPhone.

However, there also is a trick that does not take as long as the speed test or reboot. Hence, your App Store is going to run faster again in a few seconds.

Empty cache & make App Store work faster

Open the App Store and tap quickly 10 times on any icon at the bottom.

Bottom menu of the App Store shows: Featured, Categories, Top Charts, Search, and Updates

As a result the content of the App Store shows up in white for a second, because the cache is being emptied. The App Store should now work faster than before. So, you can get the App Store going with this trick in seconds.