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Announce Calls – Let Siri Tell You The Name Of The Caller

Awesome and very useful – describes a new feature of iOS 10 perfectly. It is called “Announce Calls”, which is deactivated by default. If you turn it on though, Siri’s voice will tell you the name of the caller by the first ring. The caller has to be listed in your contacts of course.


As we said in the beginning – the feature exists since iOS 10. Users of earlier versions cannot even find a similar feature on their iPhones.


How to activate “Announce Calls“

Settings → Phone → Announce Calls

Go to the Settings app on your iPhone and scroll down to Phone.

In the section Calls you will find the option Announce Calls.

Open it and you will see four options to choose from. By default it is set to Never, which means that no calls will be announced ever.

If you do not want that Siri’s voice tells you the name of the caller, choose Never. If you want to activate the feature though, you can choose one of the three options:

  1. Always: If you choose Always, Siri will announce every caller by first and last name (as long as the person is in your contacts) as soon as the first ring goes off.
  2. Headphone & Car: In this case Siri does not announce calls regularly. Siri will only say the name of the caller, when you have connected your headphones (plug or Bluetooth), or when you are connected to a car via Bluetooth (hands-free car it).
  3. Headphones Only: It’s similar to the 2nd option, but without the hands-free car kit. If only you want to hear the name of the caller, this option might be the best fit for you.

If you now get a call from somebody, Siri will announce the name of the person. So you will know who you have to deal with without even checking the display.