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Copy Mac Screenshots Directly To Your iPhone Via Universal Clipboard

In another article, we have already explained you what the Universal Clipboard is and how you can utilize it. Now, we go more into detail by showing you how to copy screenshots from your Mac to your iPhone via Universal Clipboard. So no AirDrop, Email, iCloud or anything else needed.


To try this trick, you will have to meet the requirements for the Universal Clipboard. Read more…

How to copy Mac screenshots into the Universal Clipboard

If you are making a screenshot on your Mac, it usually saves it automatically on the desktop as a png file. A little trick will help you to put it into the Universal Clipboard, so that you can use the screenshot on every compatible Apple device.

  • Press Control (^) + Shift  () + Command () + 3 to take a screenshot of the whole screen content and to copy it directly into the Clipboard.
  • If you just want a part of the screen, press Control () + Shift  () + Command () + 4. It will also copy it into your Clipboard. After utilizing the key combination hit Space and you can choose the section of the screen that you want to save as a screenshot.

These key combinations create screenshots and send it to the Clipboard instantly, instead of saving it on the desktop.

Insert the screenshot on iPhone

Now take your iPhone and open the app, in which you want to insert the screenshot, e.g. Notes. Press and keep pressing the display and tap “Insert” in the little menu bar. The screenshot from your Universal Clipboard will be inserted there.