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How To Crash an iPhone with an MP4 Video

A while ago, a killer message crashed dozens of iPhones. Now it is a manipulated video that leads to iPhone crashes around the world. The 4-seconds-short video causes a frozen and inoperable iPhone after watching it. We want to show you how this can happen and how you can fix an affected iPhone.

How does it work and what issues does it cause?

A circulating MP4 video file is misusing an iOS bug at the moment to crash iPhones. If you click the link to the video, it will show you a 4-seconds-short clip of a presumptive Chinese app developer in Safari. Around 15-30 seconds later the screen of the affected iPhone freezes and is inoperable. I does not matter what type of iPhone model you are using. The corrupt video file cripples devices with the operating systems from iOS 10 all the way down to iOS 5 – as the YouTuber EverythingApplePro demonstrates.

According to the current level of knowledge, it is not a very strong attack, because fortunately it does not leave any damage on your iPhone. However, some users complained about battery problems and iPhones that discharge quickly. So we want to warn you at this point, if you want to use the trick harmfully.

Crashing an iPhone via MP4 video file

If you want to crash an iPhone of another person temporarily, you just need to copy the following link and send it via messenger app to the iPhone of your “victim“. Then you just have to hope that the person opens this link:

iPhone restart or reboot helps

If you have clicked the link on your iPhone and your phone crashed after that, you just need to do a reboot or Hard Reset to make the frozen device run again. For the Hard Reset: Press and hold down the Home Button and Sleep/Wake Button simultaneously until the iPhone shuts down. After that you can restart your device as usual by pressing the Sleep/Wake Button. In case you have an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus you have to press the Volume Down Button instead of the Home Button to do the Hard Rest. After restarting your iPhone, it should be fine again and should run without any problems.

If you want to read more about an iPhone restart, read our article “How to reset iPhone (hard reset & reboot)”.