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SPAM Calendar Invitations With Ads – How you Get Rid Of It!

“Ray Ban Price Only $19.99“ is the title of the calendar invitation that surprised me this morning. These dubious offers of Chinese websites mainly target a verification of your email address, so that you would receive even more spam invitations in future. This mean trick is also the reason, why you shouldn’t just decline the invitation. Learn here why you should not do this and how to get rid of these spam invitations nevertheless.

The trick of spam invitations

Short summary again: There are some Chinese websites that send calendar invitations to email addresses, which they got from dubious sources. If you receive such an invitation, the calendar app gives you the following options to respond: Accept, Maybe, or Decline.

You should not choose any of these options!

If you choose one of the options, the sender (in this case the Chinese website) gets the information that you have responded to this invitation. Hence, they know that your email address is real. So they will send you more emails in future.

Until Apple offers an effective method to deal with these fake invitations, you can use this workaround.

Workaround for SPAM event invitations in Calendar app

We are going to present you two methods that help you to get rid of these annoying invitations. The first way works the best if you have not received any invitation before. The second method shows how to get rid of this invitation without reacting to it.

1. iCloud – send calendar invitations via email

Open the following website on your Mac or computer (iOS does open it too, but it does not work properly):

Log in with your Apple-ID and password and once you are on the home screen go to the Calendar.

Click the Settings icon (cogwheel) and then in the drop-down menu Preferences.

Change to the “Advanced” display.

In the Invitations section you have the option to send calendar invitations to your email address instead of showing it in your calendar. This way you will avoid that spam invitations are added automatically to your calendar on your iPhone. Activate the option “Send via email“.

Click “Save“ to apply this change.

2. Create Calendar, move invitations & delete calendar

Open the Calendar app on your iPhone and tap Calendar in the middle. Click Edit at the left top corner and tap Add Calendar in the iCloud section.

Give it any name – for example SPAM – and tap “Done” at the right top corner.

Now address yourself to the spam invitation in your Calendar app. Open it by tapping it.

In this details display, tap “Edit“ at the right top corner and then “Calendar”. There you choose the freshly created calendar SPAM. Then tap “Done“.

Now you just have to delete the calendar that includes the Spam invitation.

For this go to Calendar in your Calendar app and tap the information icon next to SPAM and choose “Delete Calendar” at the bottom.

This way you can get rid of fake invitations without reacting to it. Even though it is a long workaround, you will not give any information to the sender. Hence, it is more likely that you never get another spam invitation again.