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Twitter – Tricks To Save Mobile Data

If you have noticed in the Settings that Twitter is using a lot of your mobile data volume, some useful tricks will help you to save some of your mobile data.

Manage the data usage of Twitter

There are some options to manage the mobile data usage of the Twitter app.

Deactivate or restrict the video autoplay

Twitter > Account > Settings icon  > Settings > Data

The biggest data hog is the feature called “Video Autoplay“. The name tells its function already: Videos load and play automatically as soon as you open the app on your iPhone. So you should either turn this function off completely or restrict it to WiFi connection only.

To do so, open the Twitter app on your iPhone. Tap Account at the right bottom corner. Then you click the Settings icon on your profile display (cog). In the pop-up menu you choose Settings again. This will lead you to your account settings. There you want to tap Data in the General section.

On this display you will find the option Video Autoplay. Tap it and choose whether you want to Use WiFi only or Never play videos automatically.

We recommend the first option as the Video Autoplay adversely affects the mobile data usage and the performance of the Twitter app.

Deactivate picture preview

Twitter > Account > Settings icon  > Settings > Data

Just above the Video Autoplay option, you will find the “Picture preview”. If you deactivate this, you will no longer see pictures in your Twitter feed, but links to pictures. Hence you can decide on your own, if you want to sacrifice data for a certain picture by clicking the link, or to save the data by not clicking.

Deactivate the usage of mobile data

Settings > Mobile Data

If these two tricks do not save enough data volume in your opinion, you can restrict Twitter from using mobile data completely. You have to go to your iPhone Settings and then to Mobile Data. In this apps list, you have to deactivate Twitter, so that it only uses WiFi connection.