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Hide Apple Music From Music App

Did you try the free test subscription for Apple Music? In case you did not fall in love with it and did not sign up for the annual subscription, you probably want to hide Apple Music from your Music app. This way you can use the Music app for your own music as usual, but Apple Music will not continuously pop up for you.

How to hide Apple Music

Grap your iPhone, unlock it, and open the Settings app. Scroll down to Music and tap it.

On top you will see the option “Show Apple Music“. Deactivate it by tapping the button next to it to hide Apple Music from your Music app.

Once deactivated it will affect the tabs at the bottom of your Music app. This means, that the For you and Browse tab will disappear. Instead you will see the tab Connect, which you can use to follow artists or communicate with them – with no connection to Apple Music.

Apple Music is completely hidden from your Music app now. The same way you can obviously show Apple Music again, if you change your mind and get the annual subscription one day.