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iPhone 6s: Free Battery Replacement – Is Your iPhone Qualified?

iPhone 6s devices that had been produced between September and October 2015 can be affected by a battery problem. Apple has reacted with an iPhone 6s exchange program and recently released a tool that helps you finding out, if your iPhone is qualified for the exchange program. Below you will find everything that you need to know.

iPhone 6s: Free battery replacement

The battery problem in short: Some iPhones shut down unexpectedly, even if the battery display shows enough percentage. Although there had been reported such problems with the iPhone 6, Apple has so far limited the exchange program to the iPhone 6s.
However, not all iPhone 6s are automatically qualified for the free exchange. Only devices that have been produced between September and October 2015 are included. They also must have a certain Serial Number for a free iPhone 6s battery exchange.

Find out your Serial Number

So you need to find out your Serial Number to check your qualification for the battery exchange program.

The easiest way is to open the “Settings”, then choose “General” and then “About”. Tap and hold down your finger on the Serial Number until the ““Copy”” field appears. Tap it to copy the Serial Number into the clipboard of your iPhone. Learn how to check your iPhone serial number.

Find out, if your iPhone is qualified

Open Safari and go to the following website:
On the website is an input field. Copy your Serial Number into the field by holding down your finger over the field and choosing “Paste”. The Serial Number will now be inserted from your clipboard. Tap the “Submit” button next to the input field to send the Serial Number to Apple for the inspection. It will show the result instantly, so that you know if your iPhone is qualified or not right away.

If your iPhone is qualified, you can contact Apple. We are explaining the exchange program and how to prepare your iPhone in this article.

If your iPhone is not qualified, you should still contact Apple and explain them your problem.
There also are possible solutions for battery problems that you can try before the battery exchange. We show you these in this article.

Note of the team: One of our team members had an iPhone 6 that also shutdown suddenly even with enough battery. He contacted Apple and explained the problem. After a some messages, Apple sent him a new iPhone 6. At this point his iPhone 6 was already 1.5 years old. So the conclusion is: Even if you are not qualified for the exchange program, contact Apple! Mostly they are very fair and help you solve the problem.