Super Mario Run Cheats – All Tips & Tricks For The Game

Super Mario Run game cheatsThe new Super Mario Run app for iOS is finally released. The long waiting is over and you can enjoy the game! The app already affected great reactions around the world! However, the release of such a game hit comes with an according big need of tips, tricks and cheats, so that you can get out the most of the game. We are going to update this article regularly to provide you the best summary of the Super Mario Run cheats. Therefore, add this site to your bookmarks and do not miss any cheats, tips or tricks for iPhone and iPads about this beloved game.


As you know Super Mario Run can be played with only one hand. You could assume accordingly that the variety of jumps is limited. But this would be a misconception! Mario can make different moves depending on the way you tap on the screen. If you tap and hold down on the screen, Mario will jump higher. If you tap, hold down and tap again, he will spin around in the air and will glide smoothly down to the ground. If you tap, hold down and swipe to the left, you can slow down Mario a little bit.

Using the wall

You can use jumps on the wall to get coins that you usually would not reach. So jump on walls and blocks and Mario will hold on to it. Then Mario will jump in the different direction. So you can reach coins that are far above or even behind you.

Jumping on walls as a trick to get higher in Super Mario Run

Hitting many blocks at once

The perfect timing is needed to hit two blocks at once. You just have to jump exactly in the middle of two blocks. This way you get two power ups at the same time instead of only one.

Following the arrows

As soon as you see an arrow, you should follow it. You will get more coins, special coins and many more.

Following the arrows as a trick to get more coins in Super Mario Run

Playing levels repeatedly & getting all coins

To use all possibilities and extension of a level, you should play it multiple times. Only if you go different ways each time, you can get all coins. Pay attention to arrows you are following, so that you can choose a different route the next time.

Unlock special coins

Collect all special coins in order to make more points than everyone else. First you have to collect all pink coins. Once you have the 5 pink coins, you unlock the violet special coins. You have to collect all the violet ones as well. With every full set of special coins, the level changes a little bit and it gets more difficult to collect the next set of coins. In the end you have the black coins that are the most difficult ones.

Collecting the special coins as a cheat to open new content in a level of Super Mario Run

Hitting the flag at the highest point

At the end of each level is the well-known flag pole waiting for the final jump. It is not really easy to hit the highest spot of the pole though. For doing so, tap the display and hold down your finger or thumb to make a very high jump. At the highest point tap again, so that you can hold the height a little longer. This way you increase your chances to hit the flag at the pole and get the highest points.

Slowing down on jumps

There is a possibility to slow down Mario here and then, so that he does not miss too many coins. You make a long/high jump first (tap and hold) and then you swipe to the left. This way you can hit the brake, when you need it.

Using pause blocks correctly

When you land on a red pause block, Mario stops. This does not only stop the movement of the screen, but also the time. So you have the possibility to look around properly to see, what your next step can be like.

Using the pause block as a trick in Super Mario Run

Using the bubble

If you die, Mario comes back in a bubble. Use the chance to handle the part better this time. Tap the bubble at the best moment to release Mario. But the bubbles can be useful in other situations as well. You can also activate them by clicking them at the left top screen. This way you can use them to reach coins that you would not reach without them. In the beginning of each level there are two bubbles provided. If you are using all of them, you also use all your lives. Hitting the question mark blocks gives you more bubbles though.

Find weaknesses & beat final enemies

After three passed levels a final enemy is awaiting you. You have to find the weakness of each enemy in order to beat them. Have a close look at the surrounding as well, because you can use it against the rival. For example in Bowser’s castle you have to use the axe as soon as Bowser is on the bridge, so that you can beat him.

Using power-ups before fights

Before you jump in the fight with the final enemy, you should power up – e.g. red mushroom – to strengthen Mario, because you do not want him to die at the first strike.

With these Super Mario Run tips you should be good at first. More tricks and cheats for this app will come soon. So bookmark this page that you can stay up-to-date for Super Mario Run!

As we already had the possibility to test the awesome Jump’n’Run adventure on our iPhones, we can guarantee that the game will definitely meet your expectations.

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