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Start Messages With Quick Reply & Continue In Messages App

We have already explained that you can respond to messages very quickly by Quick Reply. This feature is extremely convenient for short answers. The downside is that you could not continue this message in the message app. So the started message got lost, when you switch over to the message app. However, iOS 10.2 changed this situation. Now your iPhone remembers the text that you have entered in the Quick Reply and transfers it to the Messages app!


As mentioned in the beginning, you need the iOS version 10.2 or later for this trick.

Start messages in Quick Reply & continue in Messages app

If your iPhone is unlocked and you are on the Home Screen or inside an app, you can answer messages directly. You just need to firmly tap the notification (3D Touch) or swipe downwards (no 3D Touch).

The Quick Reply window will be opened and you can enter your message. If you want to exit the Quick Reply and switch to the full-featured Messages app to continue typing, you can tap anywhere on the Quick Reply window.

This way Quick Reply will be closed and iOS opens the Messages app. Now it also shows the text that has been entered before in the Quick Reply. So you can continue entering your response and then send it with the arrow – as usual.

To our knowledge, this trick only works on the unlocked iPhone. If you start entering the message on the Lock Screen and switch to the Messages app from there, your texts will get lost.