Preserve Your iPhone Camera Settings

Preserve the Settings for the iPhone cameraEvery time you turn off the camera on your iPhone, all your setting changes get lost and will be reset to default again. So the next time you open the Camera app you will be in the Photo mode and the Live Photo option will be activated. If you don’t like the Live Photo mode or you are always taking square pictures (for Instagram), you can preserve your settings with the following trick.

Preserve iPhone Camera settings

In order to save your preferred settings, you will have to push some buttons. First open your Settings app and go to Photos & Camera. Scroll down to the section Camera and tap Preserve Settings.

Navigation step in the settings for preserving the camera settings

This level is offering you two to three options (depending on the iPhone model):

Activate the Camera Mode, if you want that your iPhone remembers the mode that you have used the last time. This way it will not open for example the Photo mode, if you used the Square Mode before.

Usually the iPhone camera works without Photo Filter. However, you can activate the Photo Filter, if you are always using it. So the next time, you open your Camera app, the last Photo Filter will be preset already.

Two options to preserve camera settings on iPhone 6 Plus and earlier

A pretty useful option is the third one. However, this one is only available on iPhone 6s and later. iOS always activates the Live Photo feature automatically. It does not matter, if you like it or not. If you activate the Live Photo option, your iPhone preserves the last setting for the Live Photo feature. So it also remembers if you have not been using it the last time.

You can combine these three options are as you like, so that you can decide which option you need or not.