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Super Mario Run – Hacks For Saving Battery

The new Super Mario Run app provides tons of fun, but it can also drain your battery quickly in case you are playing excessively. If you do not want to be tied to a socket, just because you want to play a few hours, we have a trick for you for saving battery. We show you, which settings you have to use, that your iPhone battery lasts longer while gaming.

Decrease the rendering & graphics setting

Kingdom modes → Menu → Options → Settings → Rendering Setting/Graphics Setting [low]

To save some of your precious battery while gaming, you have to change the game settings. For doing so, open the app and go to the kingdom mode. Tap the “Menu” button and choose “Options”. Now tap “Settings”. There you can decrease the rendering and graphics settings by tapping the “High“ button on the right-hand side. This will change it to “Low”, which reduces the power consumption.

Please note that the game does not render as good as before and the resolution is also not as great as before.

However, this trick can help to have an entertaining game for a longer journey without a power source. As long as you can live with the lack of graphic quality.