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Facebook Messenger – Start Group Video Chat

Facebook added a great new feature to the Facebook Messenger – the group video chat! This feature allows you to communicate with up to 50 people at the same time. The video chat is limited to Facebook users only though. In this article you will learn about the new group video chat of the Facebook Messenger in detail, and how you can start a group video chat.


Your Facebook Messenger has to be the latest version in order to use the group video chat feature. To be more specific: You need version 100.0 or later.

If the group video chat does not work for you yet, it can be caused by a different reason. Currently (as of 12/20/2016) the worldwide roll-out with the new features is taking place. So it could be that the feature still has to be activated for your region. Just try it again later or the next day.

Start a group video chat in Facebook Messenger

You have two options to start a group video chat: Initiate a new group chat or join an existing.

To create a new chat, you have to be on the Home screen in the Facebook Messenger (tab at the bottom left). Then tap the plus icon at the right top corner. Now choose the contacts that you want to add to the conversation.

The alternative way would be joining an existing chat.

In a group chat (but also in chats with one contact) you will find the video call icon in the right top corner. When you tap this icon, the video call to all the group members will be started instantly without another step or notification.

The group members receive a call on their phones and can join the group video call.

For up to 4 participants the display will be quartered.

For more participants the person that is talking will be displayed in a bigger format, and the others below him or her, but smaller.

Up to 50 people can participate in a group video chat. However, only the first 6 contacts will be shown below. The other contacts can of course still participate in the video conference.