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Super Mario Run – How To Change Characters

In Nintendo‘s app game hit Super Mario Run you can change the game character, so that you can also jump through the worlds with Mario’s brother Luigi or the little mushroom head Toad. However, it requires that you unlock the characters first. We explain this in detail in another article. The option to change the character is a little hidden though. In this article we want to show you, how you can change the characters, so that you can actually play the unlocked characters.

Change characters

To choose another character than Mario, you have to tap the World Tour mode first. Then you choose a world that you want to play. On the next screen you will see the current character on the right-hand side of the “Start” button. Tap the little image to get to the character’s display. Now you can choose, which of your unlocked characters you want to play with.

A second way to change the character is from the main screen. In the kingdom mode you tap the menu button at the left bottom corner. Then choose “Notebook“ in the pop-up menu. With a tap on the “Character“ button you will get to the characters display, where you can choose the character you want.

Now you know how to easily change the game character in Super Mario Run. Do you want to know, which characters are available in the app, what special skills they have, and how you can unlock them? Then you should read our article “Super Mario Run: How To Unlock Characters & Use Their Skills”.

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