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Updating All Apps With 3D Touch

iOS 10 brought some great new features for 3D Touch to your iPhone. You already know many of them as they are pretty obvious. But some only stand out after a close look though. One of those features is updating all apps at once by using 3D Touch. We do not want to keep this time-saving feature from you!


You need a 3D Touch capable iPhone for this trick, which are all iPhones from iPhone 6s and up.

In addition you have to use iOS 10 or later on your iPhone. iOS 9 already had many Quick Actions for 3D Touch, but this shortcut only works since iOS 10.

Update all apps with 3D Touch

Take your iPhone and look for the App Store icon on your Home Screen. The badge count (the little red bubble with the number) reveals how many app updates are available. If you have deactivated the auto-update for apps, it could happen that it shows a high number of apps, which are waiting for an update.

On a 3D Touch capable iPhone you can start the update of all apps very easily and quickly. You do not even need to open the App Store! Tap firmly on the App Store icon (3D Touch) to open the Quick Action menu. Then choose “Update all”.

However, it will still open the App Store with the Updates section automatically, but you can close it right away by pressing the Home button.

All queued app updates are going to be installed. The alternative way to the 3D Touch is to open the App Store, go to Updates and tap “Update all“ at the top right. Considering the loading time of the App Store, updating all with 3D Touch is definitely the quickest.