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How To Turn Off Auto-Correction On iPhone

If you are writing business emails on your iPhone (iPad or even iPod Touch), it might be helpful, if your iOS device corrects your written words. In this case the correction works perfectly, because you are typing standard English phrases. The Auto-Correction only gets annoying, if you are texting with friends and using some colloquial or dialectical terms. The iPhone might not detect these words and makes some weird and senseless suggestions or even corrects it right away, if the Auto-Correction is turned on. We want to show you how you can stop this hassle by turning off this feature.

Auto-Correction vs. Check Spelling

The features “Auto-Correction“ and “Check Spelling“ (until iOS 10 “Correction“) are hidden in the Settings of your iOS device. The “Auto-Correction” makes the corrections automatically as soon as you confirm the pop-up by hitting the space key (so it is actually a semi-automatic correction). The “Check Spelling” or “Correction” underlines the misspelled words with red-dotted line. The spell checking is based on the internal dictionary of iOS though.

Turn off the Auto-Correction on iPhones

If you want to turn off the Auto-Correction on your iPhone, you have to open the Settings first. Then choose General and scroll down to Keyboard. In the list of the section “All Keyboards“ you will find “Auto-Correction“. You can turn it off and on with a finger tap.

Settings → General → Keyboard → Auto-Correction

If you have problems with automatically corrected dialectic terms or abbreviations, you very likely work with an activated Auto-Correction. In this case you should turn it off. If you still want to see the misspellings that iOS thinks you do, it would be better to keep the normal “Check Spelling” or “Correction” active.

It is surprising that Apple is hiding this Auto-Correction feature deeply in the Settings. After all iOS devices are sold throughout the world and you would assume that people with different dialects write texts on their iPhones. But there is no option to access this feature faster and easier in order to turn it off and on. So the long way through the Settings cannot be avoided!