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Super Mario Run: Tips & Tricks To Collect Coins Faster!

To get the most out of the game, you have to collect as many coins as possible in each world. The coins are important to buy extras in the shop, so that you can build up your kingdom or unlock new characters. As there are many many ways to collect coins, you will learn in the following article how and where you can collect coins faster!

Collecting more coins – This is how you do it!

You very likely noticed that there are different types of coins in Super Mario Run, which vary in the color:

  • Gold coins
  • Pink coins
  • Purple coins
  • Black coins
  • Red coins

These have different qualities. While the gold coins count once, the colored coins multiply the collected coins. If you are not familiar with Super Mario Run yet, we recommend reading our article “Super Mario Run Cheats – All Tips & Tricks For The Game” at this point, in which we explain all the important tricks.

  • Follow the coin track:This is already self-explanatory. If you follow the coin track in a world, you can already collect 100 to 150 coins. However, you can definitely increase your coins yield, if you have the right strategy.
  • Colored coins:In each level are five colored coins that are partially hidden very well. The pink coins are pretty easy to collect, but the level of difficulty increases with each color. After you collected the pink coins, you have to collect the purple coins and the last coin set is black. Those are significantly difficult in comparison to the pink coins. The specific feature is: For every color coin you get 10 normal coins. Hence, if you collect the whole coin set (5 coins) you will receive 50 normal coins in the end of the world. In order to collect all coin sets you obviously have to play each world multiple times.
  • Flag pole:At the finish of each world is the flag pole that you should jump at the highest point. So you should try to make a high and long jump to reach the top. This makes 10 coins.
  • Red ring: As soon as you see a red ring, you should run through it, because 5 red coins will appear for a few seconds. If you can collect these coins, you will get a star. As the “Star Mario” you attract all coins in your surroundings. So you will easily collect coins around you with the star. Sometimes the star is also hidden in the question mark block.
  • Finish Bowser’s castle: Once you have finished one of the Bowser’s castle level, you will receive 100 coins (exception is world 6). You can retry the world as many times as you want.
  • Toad Rally:The quickest way to collect coins is the Toad Rally. The only requirement is the usage of a Rally ticket, which you can purchase with your collected coins in the shop. You can get points for daily playing of the Toad Rally or the successful finish of a world as well.
  • Connect account:Even without playing you can get a high amount of coins. You can get 3000 coins for registering a Nintendo account and connect it with Super Mario Run. We explained how this worked in another article.
  • Defeat enemies:Maybe you were wondering, why it shows the amount of the defeated enemies in the end of each world. It has to do with the coins that you get for each defeated enemy. The rank of each enemy, e.g. for Gumbas, increases by the amount of the beat enemies. This means rank 1 brings you 1 coin and rank 3 gives you 3 coins. So try to defeat as many enemies as possible to increase the rank, so that you get as many coins as possible. If you only defeat a few of the same type, their rank is 0, which causes no coins!
  • Use combos: Try to do combo attacks, when you defeat enemies. If you can jump on the heads of more enemies without touching the ground in-between, you will get x2 coins. So the coins multiply. A good trick is using Coopers shell, because you can clear out the whole line of enemies.
  • Change characters:In certain circumstances it could make sense to change the characters. For example Luigi jumps higher than Mario. So he can reach some coins easier. The requirement is to unlock the characters before you can switch.


These tips & tricks should significantly increase your coins yield quickly. The best would be to combine the different tricks to raise your high score and to be able to purchase extras in the shop for your kingdom!