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Activate List View in Calendar App

The Calendar app undoubtedly counts to the most used apps on the iPhone. Besides the standard view of the months, weeks and days, you have the possibility to view your upcoming or past events in a list. We show you in the following guide, how you can activate the list view for your Calendar app.

Activate the iPhone Calendar list view

First open your Calendar app and choose any date. In the Today’s view you will see the list icon next to the magnifier icon at the top. Once you tap it, all your events will be listed up in the list view.

After checking your past and upcoming events in the list view, you can scroll back to the current day by clicking “Today” in the left bottom corner.

With a tap at Calendar in the middle of the bottom bar, you will open a display of all calendars, which you can activate and deactivate. You can use the button “Hide all Calendars” or “Show all Calendars”, or choose the Calendars, which you want to include separately. You can also include Facebook events and birthdays, as long as your iPhone is connected to Facebook.

The benefits of the list view

The list view shows you all your events and appointments for several days. The benefit in comparison to the Today’s view is the exclusion of the days without any events. So you are sparing yourself the scrolling through the days without events or appointments. Hence, you see only the important days in the list view. The negative side is that you cannot open the list view from the first page. You always have to go to the Today’s view first.

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