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Using Spotlight Search – 4 Ways To Open Spotlight

Spotlight is a search tool, which has been originally introduced for Mac OS X in 2005. It searches for the entered keyword on the whole computer. The results can contain documents, photos, music, programs, mails, contacts, and so on. Since iOS 3.0 the Spotlight Search already is a fixed part of the iPhone. In this article you will learn the basics of Spotlight, as well as some pro-tricks, by which you can get the most out of the Spotlight Search tool.

Using the Spotlight Search

Since iOS 10 Spotlight does not vary anymore in the way to open the tool – like it did in iOS 8 and 9. Instead you can use Spotlight fully by the following presented ways.

1. Open Spotlight on Home Screen

If you want to use the Spotlight Search while being on the Home Screen, you have to swipe to the right until you are on the farthest screen on the left-hand side. Besides the search tool on top, it will show your Widgets on this screen as well.

Tap into the search field to open the Spotlight Search and enter your keyword.

2. Open Spotlight as a quick search

To open the quick search, you put a finger on the Home Screen and swipe downwards. Spotlight will be opened (without detours over the Widgets Screen). The cursor is automatically in the search field and you can start entering your keyword right away.

3. Open Spotlight via the Notification Center

Spotlight can be opened via the Notifications Center as well. When you are on the Home Screen, Lock Screen or inside an app, you can swipe downwards starting from the top. This opens the Notifications Center, where you can see the Spotlight Search on top again. Tap into the search tool to enter a keyword.

This method is the easiest as the Notifications Center is available at any time and from any screen.

4. Open Spotlight quickly in every app

In addition to the last method, we want to acquaint you with a secret: This trick helps you to access the Notification Center from every app and automatically start inside the Spotlight Search tool.

Pull down the Notifications Center only a little bit. On the iPhone 7 you will feel the haptic feedback at a certain point. Once you feel this, you let go of the bar. You can orientate yourself on the following screenshot. It shows the approximate position, when you have to let go of it.

If you hit the right spot, the Spotlight Search tool opens and the cursor is already in the search field, so that you can start typing right away.

Adjust Spotlight Search

Settings → General → Spotlight Search

In the Settings under the section General, you can adjust the Spotlight Search settings. There you can activate and deactivate certain content (apps, suggestions, etc.) that Spotlight should search in. Read More…