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Send New Year’s Wishes To Your Friends With The Facebook Messenger

Facebook has released an update for its Messenger – right on time for the New Year’s wishes! With this new camera feature you can send funny and individual greetings and wishes to your friends around the world, even without being with them.

Send New Year’s wishes with Facebook Messenger

Open the Facebook Messenger on your iPhone. At the bottom you will see a new circle icon in the middle. It looks like the camera release button and has written “2017” on it. Tap this icon to open the Camera Messenger.

You will instantly see that it basically is about live filters, 3D masks, markups and special effects. You can choose them by a finger tap and it will be laid over the picture of you or another person. This works like in other apps that you can download in the App Store, e.g. MSQRD.

At the top you can turn the flash on, off or switch it to automatic. Next to it you will find the button to switch between the two cameras.

To choose the appropriate New Year’s effect, you can browse through the previews in the bottom bar. The alternative way is to tap the smiley icon at the top to see all filters, markups, and effects. You can also adjust the filters by drag & drop, resizing it with two fingers, and delete certain parts by pulling it into the trash bin.

Once you are done with the adjustments and selection of the effects, you can take a picture or video. Tap the release button to take a picture and press and hold the button down for a video. You can also choose a picture from your photo library. You could also start with the picture and then put the effects on it. It does not matter, which way you choose.

Afterwards you will see the result of your picture or video, which you can edit with the relevant buttons in the top bar. Once you are done, you can tap the arrow button in the right bottom corner. Then you just have to choose the contacts you want to send your New Year’s wishes to.

We Wish You A Happy New Year!