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Malicious SMS Crashes Message App – Protect Your iPhone

Once again there is a quite malicious SMS in circulation, which can cause significant damage to your iPhone. This time it goes as far as it makes your Message app permanently useless. We want to explain how you can recognize such SMS and what you can do to protect, or even save your iPhone.

SMS crashes Message app

If you receive a SMS or an iMessage with a contact file from an unknown phone number (or a “friend“, who wants to destroy your Message app), you should be cautious. This contact file contains data, which is unreadable by the Message app and crashes the app on your iPhone.

Especially iOS devices with iOS 8.0 or later are affected.

If you try to open the Message app afterwards, it will crash instantly again. It tries to reopen the last seen message, which would be the malicious contact file, and that’s why the Message app keeps crashing. You see – it ends in an infinite loop, where you cannot get out so easily.

Luckily there is a trick, how you can save your Message app.

Do not open malicious SMS

To prevent all this, you should not open such SMS or iMessages in the first place. Instead you should delete the whole chat in the Message app by swiping the chat to the left and then choose Delete.

Repair Message app

If you have opened the SMS though and the Message app on your iPhone is not opening anymore, you can try this trick:

Close the Message app completely by double-press the Home Button and then swiping the Message app upwards. Read more…

Then ask a friend to send you a SMS or an iMessage. Open this message as soon as you receive it by clicking the message notification. Then it should open the Message app and show the freshly received message. So you should be able to use the Message app normally again. As the malicious SMS is still in the on your iPhone, you should delete it right away (see above: “Do not open malicious SMS“).

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